HYMN 864

“But ye shall receive power after the 
Holy Spirit is come upon you." - Act 1:8

1.  O come and dwell in me 

     Spirit of pow’r within

     And bring the glorious liberty 

    From sorrow, fear, and sin.

2.  The seed of sin’s disease 

     Spirit of health, remove 

     Spirit of finished holiness 

     Spirit of perfect love.

3.  Hasten the joyful day
     Which shall my sins consume

     When old things shall be passed away 

     And all things new become.

4.  The original offence

     Out of my soul erase

     Enter Thyself, and drive it hence 

     And take up all the place.

5.  I want the witness, Lord
     That all I do is right

     According to Thy will and word 

    Well-pleasing in Thy sight.

6.  I ask no higher state

     Indulge me but in this 

     And soon or later then translate 

     To my eternal bliss.  Amen

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