HYMN 865


1.  LORD to Thee have we come 

     Cherubim, Seraphirn

     Thine Service and worship, attend 

     To all the earthly beings.

2.  To Thine service, attend

     Christ Jesus, Saviour, Lord 

     Thy sacred Sabbath, who defiles 

     Most judged at last shall be.

3.  Bow down before the Lord

     In worship at His feet

     Oh Lord we plead, Thy wrath to cease 

     Upon the earthly race.

4.  Cherubim, Seraphirn

     Ye are the salt on earth

     The city found on Sacred Rock 

     Obscure shall never be.

5.  Blow ye the trump aloud

     On sacred day of rest

     The sabbath of the Lord to keep 

     By one and all on earth.

6.  To Father glory give

     Glory give to the Son

     Glory give to the Holy Ghost 

     Eternal Trinity.  Amen

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