8S75 (FE 104)
"His praise shall continually be in my mouth"
- Ps. 34:1

1.  PRAISE be unto God redeemer

     Praises be to Trinity

     Who preserved us up to this day

     Glory to his Holy name.

Chorus:  Sing and chorus Halleluyah

               Songs of glory shall we sing

               Sing and chorus Halleluyah

               Shout Hosanna to our King.

2.  Trinity and King of glory

     Father power send to us

     Let the elders be victorious

     Wisdom from above descend.

Chorus:  Sing and chorus...

3.  Thou the great and glorious Father

     Forget not the praying band

     Power and love to them be given

     Teach them how to pray to Thee.

Chorus:  Sing and chorus...

4.  Jehovah Nissi our Father

     Mercy to Seraph descend

     Let Cherubim be victorious

     Like their counter-parts be blessed.

Chorus:  Sing and chorus...

5.  Provide jobs-for all the jobless

     The barren shall be made whole

     All Children shall be protected

     Death shall have no power on us.

Chorus:  Sing and chorus...

6.  Our prayers we beg Thee hearken

     All our branches to sustain

     Strength and victory to them given

     Uphold, keep them to the end.

Chorus:  Sing and chorus...

7.  Jehovah Shammah our Great King

     When the last call shall be made

     Into thy Kingdom please call us

     Unto glory to thy throne.

Chorus:  Sing and chorus...  Amen

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