(FE 108)

1.  FASTEN your girdle ye Scraf‘

     And take your harps along too

     And let your timbrels sing loudly

     To welcome our glorious King.

Chorus:  Up by the river of Eden

               Holy and beautiful dwelling

               Where Cherubim and Seraphim

               Clarify the Holy one.

2.  With drum and dance glorify Him

     He will give onto us joy

     As long as we can trust in Him

    Bountiful blessing for us.

Chorus:  Up by the river...

3.  Deny us not of your blessing

     We Scraphim of this world

     Make us fit for various service

     And lets be crowned in the end.

Chorus:  Up by the river...

4.  Father who hearest Elijah

     Please hear us we Seraphim

     Jehovah Jireh thou our King

     Make us fit on judgement day.

Chorus:  Up by the river...

5.  We'll give glory to our father

     And to the Son who spares us

     And as the year progresses on

     Glory be to Trinity.

Chorus:  Up by the river...  Amen

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