8s7s FE 109, SE 92
"Bless the Lord o my soul"
- Psalm 103

1.  PRAISE my soul, the King of heaven;

To His feet the tribute bring

Ransom'd heal‘d restored forgiven

Who like Thee His praise shall sing?

Chorus:  Praise Him/ Praise Him

Praise Him/ Praise Him

Praise the everlasting King.

2.  Praise Him for Ark of Salvation

Sent down to us in the world

And He made the praying Father

As the head over the Band.

Chorus:  Praise Him...

3.  Praise Him for His grace and favour

To the Cherubim, Seraph

To keep us all up to this day

And gives us victory always.

Chorus:  Praise Him...

4.  Praise for love He has shown to us

And favour in all our ways

In trouble and in temptation

His mercies ever remains.

Chorus:  Praise Him...

5.  Praise His ever-constant refuge

We Cherub, Seraph enjoys

Witches, Wizards and all evils

Woe betides them before us.

Chorus:  Praise Him...

6.  Father-like He tends and spares us

Well our feeble frame He knows;

In His hands He, gently bears us

Feeding us with bread of life.

Chorus:  Praise Him...

7.  Army of heaven joins and praise Him

Father, Son and Holy Ghost

Sun and Moon join all and praise Him

And ye all creatures on earth.

Chorus:  Praise Him...  Amen

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