FE 111, SE 94

1.  CHRIST Jesus come I unto Theo

     Closely let me follow behind

     Though my possession increaseth

     And my every thought awakened.

Chorus:  Praise Him loudly oh all ye Saints

              Offer thanks to Father above

              Spare our souls in Seraph Band

              At the end Lord save our souls.

2.  Pagans and all moslem come,

     And all Xtians come along;

     Let's adore our only God

     May our heads be crowned at the end.

Chorus:  Praise Him loudly...

3.  We give praises unto our God,

     Who offered Christ Jesus to us

     To redeem the earthly ones

     From the pangs of sin and Satan.

Chorus:  Praise Him loudly...

4.  Seraph band your girdle fasten

     Band of Cherub fervently pray

     Christ the Saviour shall redeem us

     Divine Healer shall heal us all.

Chorus:  Praise Him loudly...

5.  The world shall soon cease to be

     Lo! beware all Oh ye saints

     Those before us keep marching on

     Never weary those behind us.

Chorus:  Praise Him loudly...

6.  Those who were before victorious

     Gaze at us as we now rejoice

     Hailing and encouraging us

     Forward ever backward never.

Chorus:  Praise Him loudly...

7.  Doubtful never be on this way

     However tough it seems to be

     Seraphim Band be courageous

     We shall savour sweet taste at last.

Chorus:  Praise Him loudly...

8.  When the last trump shall sound to call

     Jesus will take us to Canaan

     Let's rejoice Lord in your bossom

     Lead us to your fold of comfort.

Chorus:  Praise Him loudly...

9.  Glory be to Father above

     Glory be to His only Son

     Glory be to Holy Spirit

     All praises to the Trinity.

Chorus:  Praise Him loudly...  Amen

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