PM (FE 114)
"Serve the Lord with gladness, come before his
presence with singing" - Ps. 100:2

1.  GOD our Creator who established Seraph

     And Cherubim throughout all the universe

     From great Prophet Moses Orimolade

     We do praise and magnify Thy Name.

Chorus:  A! Rejoice, rejoice,

              rejoice, rejoice Band of Seraph

              A! Rejoice, rejoice

              Rejoice, rejoice Band of Cherub.

2.  Where are all the elected children of God

     Listen to the Shepherd’s voice now calling you;

     Repent and come enter the last Ark of Christ

     The time of judgement is right at hand.

Chorus:  A! Rejoice, rejoice...

3.  Cherub and Seraph give thanks to our Father

     Continue with courage in the Holy task;

     You will soon hear the voice of our Lord Saviour

     Saying come and receive the reward.

Chorus:  A! Rejoice, rejoice...

4.  All who are passing-by come to the Saviour

     To receive the new Grace of the Holy Band

     Do not miss this Holy Ark of Christ Jesus

     That God of Moses descend to us.

Chorus:  A! Rejoice, rejoice...

5.  Jesus our Lord shall come to reign in the world,

    in the Midst of Cherubim and Seraphim;

   A thousand year shall He reign here undisturbed

   In the midst of the Band here below.

Chorus:  A! Rejoice, rejoice...

6.  Jesus Christ the Lord of Glory and of Grace

    With whom is the path of everlasting life;

    He will take to Him all that believe His words,

    To our Heavenly Father above.

Chorus:  A! Rejoice, rejoice...  Amen

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