(FE 115)

1.  ALL ye Band of Seraph

     Come show the joy of your heart

     Together sing a sweet song

     For wondrous work he's done to us

     For He has not let us go astray from His side.

Chorus:  We’re marchng to zion

               Zion the greater! of all

               We are marching forth to zion

               The habitat of our God.

2.  O ye Praying Father

     Give thanks to our God

     That made you triumph o'er enemies

     And let no enemy prevail

     And has made you the head

     And head till eternity.

Chorus:  We’re marchng...

3.  Ye Chorister's Band

     Show forth the joy of your heart

     For his firm strong covenants

     Amidst the Band of Seraphim

     That he fulfilled

     And fill the world to come.

Chorus:  We’re marchng...

4.  People may be mocking

     And may though condemn

     But they know not our God

     But we Band of Cherubim

     Know the God we serve

     And He will bless us still.

Chorus:  We’re marchng...

5.  Cherubim, Seraphim

     Be zealous in Spiritual work

     For ye shall work and serve till the end

     Your saviour thou shall surely see

     Right here on earth

     And also in heaven above.

Chorus:  We’re marchng...  Amen

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